Molly Hastings

Since 2001, Molly Hastings has focused her entire career on criminal defense and trial practice.  After 13 years as a dedicated public defender in both rural and urban jurisdictions, Molly transitioned into private practice in 2014.  She has tried over 50 felony jury trials, with incredible success, including acquittals for 1st degree and 2nd degree murder, forcible rape, child molestation, first degree assault, and involuntary manslaughter.  Molly was awarded the Charles M. Shaw Award for Excellence in Trial Advocacy in 2009 and the Lon O. Hocker Award in 2013.  Molly is regularly featured on both local and national television for defending some of Kansas City’s most serious cases.  Molly will defend ANYONE, with passion and fearlessness.


Since the age of 15, Sara has been honing her trial advocacy skills.  From high school mock trial state and national titles, through starting the undergraduate mock trial program at Southern Methodist University, in Dallas, Texas, to coaching a state championship and nationally ranked high school team, and finally as part of the University of Missouri - Kansas City Trial Advocacy program, ranked 6th in the Nation for Courtroom Readiness, Sara is most at home in the courtroom.   Whether municipal court or state court, Sara's experience working with judges, prosecutors, county house arrest, jail staff and many others involved in the criminal justice system, all goes to benefit her number one priority, her clients.  As a former high school teacher, Sara also has a passion for the juvenile justice system and represents juvenile offenders in Family Court as well as adults.  Sara is an active member of the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association (KCMBA), the Association for Women Lawyers (AWL) and is on the board of the Johnson County First Amendment Foundation.  She is a member of AWL Denise Henning Connections and a graduate of both KCMBA's Ross T. Roberts Trial Academy and Bar Leadership Academy.   Sara is licensed in Missouri, Kansas and the Western District of Missouri.